Broly Recreate 15CM Figure 50% First Deposit/Final Payment
Broly Recreate 15CM Figure 50% First Deposit/Final Payment
Broly Recreate 15CM Figure 50% First Deposit/Final Payment
Broly Recreate 15CM Figure 50% First Deposit/Final Payment

Broly Recreate 15CM Figure 50% First Deposit/Final Payment

style: Broly Recreate Figure 50% First Deposit
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Production cycle:Since the recreate figures are all handmade, we only accept pre-orders at the moment, the production cycle is about 10-15 days after the order is placed, and the production cycle will change according to the subsequent scheduling orders.

Size: Approx 15 CM

The total price of the figures is $1399, with a deposit of $699.50 and a final payment of $699.50.

Order Process:
1.Place an order and pay a deposit of $699.5 (non-refundable deposit because we will purchase the original figure, as well as the workmanship)
2. Production cycle: 10-15 business days.
3. After the production is completed, we will send pictures or videos to the customer to confirm.
4. Customers pay the final payment (after the finished product is confirmed, we will keep it up to one week for you, if more than one week time is still not paid, your customized finished product will be prioritized to other customers, you need to reschedule the order)
5. Shipping (shipping time is about 15 business days)
6. After receiving the goods, please pay attention to the recording of the opening video, non-quality issues will not be returned!

About Recreat Figure:
Recreat Figure is the repainting of a toy or figure to make it a new toy. This process may include reprints, digital restorations, and reworks. Figure repainted versions are usually evolved from the original to restore all the features of the original, while leaving the external retouching of the original features intact. 
It is necessary to use chemical diluent to completely wash off the color of the original pigment and then outline the form details one by one on the basis of the mold, which involves a variety of super difficult operations of three-dimensional or two-dimensional painting, so as to promote the creation of such a lifelike "repainting".
Recreat can be spray or hand-painted, spraying needs to be disassemble, color separation, painted, and the last step--protective paint, the cost and time is much higher than hand-painted.

Original Figure:

Final Figure After Recreate:

Customized Product Services:

We will send you a video to confirm the product after it is finished, (please be sure to leave your email contact information), and we will send it out after you confirm that the product is correct!

This is 100% Handmade art, No refund or exchange for non-quality problems.

Q: What is estimated time for arrival:

The arrive time=Order Process time+shipping time

*Order Process time for common product(basic wig/anime toys/props,etc.): 2-3 business days
*Order Process time for commission wig: varies according to the complexity of the commission wig, please consult customer service when placing an order.
*Shipping time: 7-15 business days(Monday-Friday)

*Parcel tracking:
After the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number and shopping list of your products.
If you didn’t receive the package in time just contact us anytime.
Contact email:

Q: What is expedited service for commission/style wig:

The expedited service is for commission/style wig. You can pay an extra fee for styling your wig 1-2 months ahead of original schedule.
If you need this service please tell us when you ask for commission.
*Price of expedited service:
1 month earlier: 30% of the wig price
2 months earlier: 50% of the wig price