Jujutsu Kaisen Fushiguro Toji Figure

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【Environmental-Friendly Material】 

Crafted from premium PVC, this action figure set boasts durability and environmental friendliness. Every figure features vibrant colors, high visibility, and vivid expressions, enabling you to recreate the anime characters in your mind.

【Decoartion & Surprise Gifts Choice】

Whether for kids or anime fans, this anime figure set makes an exceptional and delightful gift, providing a surprise that reflects the love for the animated world.


Figures are from the very famous anime character Fushiguro Toji , which has a lot of fans in the world,with good detail and is well painted. Every detail of the figurine is meticulously depicted, the color is uniform and bright, realistic texture skin, realistic carving and sharpness, 360 perfect shape without dead ends, highly restored character movements, lifelike.This item is great as a gift for anyone who is into game/anime


Material :pvc

Type: Anime Fushiguro Toji figure

Warm Notes:

1.Not edible!

2.Intended for decoration only

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