Arlecchino style wig

Arlecchino style wig : Arlecchino style wig
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- Currently accepting custom orders for wig.
To provide an estimate, please provide the following information:
Name of the character/work, clear reference image (or preferred reference material)
Planned date of use (urgent or not)
Key styling requirements
* Detailed discussions and final pricing for styling structure and details will be conducted after confirming the order.
A The fee for urgent orders depends on the proximity of the deadline and is 1.2-2 times the original styling fee.
* Shipping cost based on the destination country and the volume of the wigs.
Please send a private message to confirm.

Q: What is estimated time for arrival:

The arrive time=Order Process time+shipping time

*Order Process time for common product(basic wig/anime toys/props,etc.): 2-3 business days
*Order Process time for commission wig: varies according to the complexity of the commission wig, please consult customer service when placing an order.
*Shipping time: 7-15 business days(Monday-Friday)

*Parcel tracking:
After the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number and shopping list of your products.
If you didn’t receive the package in time just contact us anytime.
Contact email:

Q: What is expedited service for commission/style wig:

The expedited service is for commission/style wig. You can pay an extra fee for styling your wig 1-2 months ahead of original schedule.
If you need this service please tell us when you ask for commission.
*Price of expedited service:
1 month earlier: 30% of the wig price
2 months earlier: 50% of the wig price