- Currently accepting custom orders for wig.

To provide an estimate, please provide the following information:

Name of the character/work, clear reference image (or preferred reference material)

Planned date of use (urgent or not)

 Key styling requirements

* Detailed discussions and final pricing for styling structure and details will be conducted after confirming the order.

A The fee for urgent orders depends on the proximity of the deadline and is 1.2-2 times the original styling fee.

* Shipping cost based on the destination country and the volume of the wigs. Please send a private message to confirm.

Commission tips:

Koollia Cosplay Wigs are all handmade style wigs, Wigs may appear a small amount of hair, glue marks, hair net, etc. If you are a perfectionist, I am sorry, we can not fully meet your need.

What I don’t accept:

1. Steal other stylists ideas. Please don’t ask me to copy other stylists work. I respect their work but will never copy their style.

2. Multiple modification. Every commissions has allowed to change the style for free one time, so please confirm the details with me before you order.

If you want a customized wig, please contact us to communicate your needs!

Email: support@koollia.com

Telegram: +8619880894847

Discord: http://discord.gg/WJcxbcMv

Instagram: koollia_

Whatsapp: +8619880894847