Misato style wig ( From Neon genesis)
Misato style wig ( From Neon genesis)

Misato style wig ( From Neon genesis)

Style: Misato
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The style wig price include: wig + package + head model + shipping
And freebies ~

Packing: Shipping carton + head model + ribbon +pins +hot melt glue+ties

What we need:
1. Confirm the details( let me know any details of the style you want, and make sure you like the style I made)
2. Your Head circumstance:
3. Your Face shape:
4. Any request( welcome to let me know if you have any requests):

What you need:
1. Shoot a video of unboxing the wig ( just in case the wig damage due to the transportation and so that you can get refund. No video, no refund.)
2. Let me know the details you want

I will send a packing video before packing, and you need to shoot an unpacking video within 24h after receiving the wig. If the wig is damaged due to violent transportation, it can be returned or repaired by yourself
Q: What is estimated time for arrival:

The arrive time=Order Process time+shipping time

*Order Process time for common product(basic wig/anime toys/props,etc.): 2-3 business days
*Order Process time for commission wig: varies according to the complexity of the commission wig, please consult customer service when placing an order.
*Shipping time: 7-15 business days(Monday-Friday)

*Parcel tracking:
After the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number and shopping list of your products.
If you didn’t receive the package in time just contact us anytime.
Contact email: support@koollia.com

Q: What is expedited service for commission/style wig:

The expedited service is for commission/style wig. You can pay an extra fee for styling your wig 1-2 months ahead of original schedule.
If you need this service please tell us when you ask for commission.
*Price of expedited service:
1 month earlier: 30% of the wig price
2 months earlier: 50% of the wig price